Saturday, July 28, 2007

What happens when you find...

What happens when you find that you are now alone after being married for 20 or 30 years? Are the best years of your life behind you? Are you doomed to sit in a rocking chair and just wait for the grim reaper to knock on your door? Well for some of us we have decided to reenter the dating world....

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

And So it Goes

Well, I went on the blind date my daughter set up and she was right he was a good looking man. Tall, beautiful brown eyes, black hair streaked with a little gray made him look very…, well let’s just say I was pleased and interested. We went to a nice restaurant and he asked me what I wanted to eat, then when the waiter came over he ordered for both of us. The wine he chose was smooth and subtle, the dinner conversation was easy, and I was feeling pretty good about this whole blind date thing. I was so pleased with how things were going that I decided that I would reward my daughter for setting me up by giving her my credit card and letting her go buy whatever she wanted, after all she picked a good one. He asked if I wanted dessert but I declined, have to watch the waistline, so he ordered for himself with the hope that I would share it with hime. Well, while we were waiting for dessert, he began to suck his teeth. At first I thought I had imagined it, but then he picked up his knife and checked his teeth for food. He began to use his fingernail to pick out the food that was stuck between his teeth, while still talking to me. Okay I thought, thats kinda gross but I can probably overlook that I mean after all everything else was great. So he needed to brush up on his table manners, that was no big deal, right? So I decided to ignore that misstep until he picked up his cloth dinner napkin and blew his nose into it. YUCK…was my eyes deceiving me, did he really do that?!! The waiter saw him do that also and asked if he needed some paper napkins, but he said no he was fine. As he was talking I noticed that he had something hanging from his nose, so at that point I excused myself and went to the ladies room. On my way there, I heard the waiter telling the other waiters and waitresses what my date had done. It could only happen to me was my first thought, my second was that my daughter wasn’t getting the credit card after all. Maybe he just wasn’t into me and he was trying to gross me out, well if that was the case he did a good job of it. By the time I returned from the bathroom, he had finished cleaning his nose with the dinner napkin and had balled it up and put it on the plate. He asked if I was ready to leave or if I wanted to go to the bar for a drink, but I told him I needed to go home. And so he took me home, he asked if we could do this again, I smiled and I thanked him for a nice evening and said good night. Maybe dating at 49 isn’t for me, maybe I should take up knitting, or adopt a bunch of cats. Oh well, at least I had a nice meal and it wasn’t from a drive thru window. So I went upstairs and showered, after showering I invited my old pals Ben and Jerry out to play, they always know how to make me feel better. Maybe I should only date them.

Blind Date

My daughter has set me up on a blind date with the dad of her best friends roommate. She said he is tall, good looking and appears to be intelligent. Appears to be intelligent, what does that mean? Does his eyes focus, does he have a goofy look on his face? Appears to be intelligent, now thats a reason to date him. Now my daughter is 21 and her idea of good looking and my idea are vastly different. I just hope this man has all his teeth! She says that he is a retired business man, in his early fifties and he has a really cool car. Now that won me over, I smiled at her and said ‘a really cool car….cool,’ It took her a few minutes before she laughed and told me that I would really like him. I am so nervous, almost to the point of not going on this date. I haven’t dated in YEARS, last time i dated all the man had to do was grab me by the hair and drag me to his cave where I had to cook the dinosaur. How do I date in the 21st century? Okay, I need to take a deep breath and hope that i’m called in to work and I just have to break the date. Did I forget to mention, I have nothing to wear on this date. Why did I let her talk me, no not talk me but guilt me into this date. Man she is good, now how do I get out of it?

Friday, July 13, 2007


A friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend of six years, and decided not to reenter the dating world. She's afraid that there are only divorced men out there and they must have been let go by their wives for a reason. She does not want to take a chance and get someone who was someone elses problem. I try to tell her to go for it, how bad could it be? She says shes done with men, and I say shes just chicken. She tells me to shut up and I just cluck like a chicken. Well to make a long story short, she did go out on a date with a coworker and unfortunately he was a dud. He talked about his ex wife all night, then ended up crying because he missed her so much. My friend ended up paying for dinner and had to drive him home because he was too distraught to grab a cab. She called me up and told me what happened, and I couldn't help but laugh. After a few minutes she also started to laugh. I told her that I am sure there are men out there who won't cry during dinner. She just told me to SHUT UP!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Once a Cheater always a Cheater?

If you are in a relationship where your partner cheats is he liable to cheat again? I have a friend who stayed with her husband after she found out that he had not only cheated on her but also fathered a child with the other woman. She forgave him but she never quite trusted him again. She stayed with him for the sake of their children, and she made it a point to accept and welcome his child with the other woman into her home and family. Was she right to do so? How did that affect her children? do you think that her husband appreciated the sacrifice she made, or did he feel its what she should have done if she wanted to keep him? I always felt that she sold herself short because she deserved so much more. However, it was her decision to make and I supported her decision. My question to you is this, would you stay if your husband or wife had a child from their affair? Do you think that he would cheat again and expect forgiveness again? How much of yourself would you sacrifice to keep a relationship?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I finally got it

I have finally figured out what has kept me from getting ahead financially, spiritually and emotionally. It was a lightbulb moment and I can see things so clearly now. I finally got it!
My albatross has been my husband! Who would have thought it! He has been the reason my luck has been so bad. He has not contributed on a regular basis to the support and care of our family. I have always been the one to take care of EVERYTHING, and I guess I have been so tired from working double shifts that I couldn't think clearly. BUT, I have finally stopped to take a breath and the lightbulb went on. So bye bye scrub, I'm finally going to get my luck back and possibly my groove. I'm not bitter, I wish him well, I just feel relieved. I'm still broke and in debt but at least I can see clearly.